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Photographer or two at your service

Mediatuotanto Isotalo loves to take photographs. We take photographs even when there is no actual task ongoing. Nature is always something which can provide beautiful sets to put in the box of memories and while in a road trip or traveling, we try to photograph the scenery as much as possible. But as a profession, we can photograph nearly anything, except that currently we do not take assignments for weddings.

Photographing people



We can photograph portraits and other photos of people but we don’t have a studio yet so the actual photo shooting is done elsewhere. Would you like your family photographed? Do you have your parent or granny in an elders home and you want a picture with many generations. We can do this for you and also fulfill many other photography needs you might come across.

Automotive photography




We have written articles, produced videos and photographed many cars and driven even more. With a background in vehicle transport service as well as automotive journalism, we can honestly say to have some experience on cars. We provide a photographing service for car manufacturers, retail companies, car collectors and even for individuals who want their car to be photographed with a passion. For manufacturers, the service provided is such, that we have the car for an agreed time period and we use it to drive to different locations for the best photographs.

Product photography



Visibility on the internet is the key factor to any product manufacturer. While we also provide articles about products, we also take professional photos of them in a studio-like environment. If you need quality photos on your web-store, content marketing material or leaflets, please contact us and we can set a deal for you.

Misc. photography


Do you have a dog or a cat or maybe a horse you love more than anything? We can photograph your loved one so that you can either order it as a canvas or print or you can use it in your social media etc. Or maybe you need something else photographed (inventory, house, summer cottage) for selling or for just to remember when it’s not around. Contact us for more information.

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