Content creation

When your website is looking good, it needs content


It is very important for all companies to have a decent and well functioning (for desktop and mobile use) web pages. More an more people are using only internet to find the companies they want to work with or buy from. It is therefor an important channel for advertising their products or services.


Even though Mediatuotanto Isotalo can help in creating WordPress based web pages or updating and cleaning up, our main focus is in the content. We can make sure, you have relevant content and information at your pages in an appealing form.


Beautiful web pages get people interested but without great content, they will move on very quickly.


We have our service packages described in the following picture.



There are three content packages and they have been separated due to the amount of content created.

SMALL You’ll get a text article with one photo for header.

MEDIUM Adds social media and a few photos inside article.

FULL This is the most complete package of ours. In addition to the smaller packages, you’ll get a video, many photograps and a gallery to hold those not needed in the text.


Id addition to these 3 online content packages, we have 2 separete Social media takeover -packages. We’ll get privileges to update the agreed social media channels of yours and we’ll be creating content over there. Social media can be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. On the first package, we’ll publish one content per day for seven days. In the second one it’s more continuous and there can be several in one day. There can also be videos.

You can always ask for a special package created just for your needs. It can be something gathered from these readymade packages or something totally different. Feel free to ask if you have an idea in your mind.

If you only need photographing or video shooting, please take a look at the separate services for those and ask for a quote for your need.